Permissions Resources for Authors

Permissions Resources for Authors

Guide to Submitting Permission Requests

Submitting permissions requests is easier than ever using but if you need help, use our guide for new requestors. Download our step-by-step guide to making permission requests using PLSclear for a helpful walk through of the process.

Permissions Checklist for Authors

If you're planning to request to reuse content from publishers, there is certain information you need to know about the work you want to reuse and about your new work before you can begin your request. PLS has put together a downloadable checklist of the information you need before you can begin.

Free Webinars for Authors and Editors

Learn more about why you need to ask permission before reusing content (and when you don't need permission) by attending one of our free webinars for authors and editors. All webinars also include a question and answer session at the end for specific queries or additional help.

Frequently Asked Questions for Requestors

From copyright queries to technical help, PLS have put together a list of our most frequent questions from the help desk into one convenient place for anyone who needs permission to reuse content.

When you are ready to begin making permissions requests, visit to search for the title you want to reuse content from and submit your request to the publisher with minimal fuss.