Outsource your permissions to PLS with PermissionsAssist

Outsource your permissions to PLS with PLS PermissionsAssist

PLS Permissions Assist is a fully managed service for publishers who want to delegate their entire permissions processes to our responsive, UK-based team. The PLS Permissions Team will handle your permissions from receipt of request to invoicing and credit control.

This service is ideal for publishers who do not have a dedicated permissions team or who would like their staff to be able to focus on other priorities and tasks.

Publishers who sign up to PLS Permissions Assist will benefit from:

  • Permissions requests handled according to your own pricing and licensing policies by a dedicated permissions team
  • Retain oversight of your permissions business with access to PLSclear to view progress on your requests
  • Real-time reporting on the status of requests received
  • Bespoke quarterly reports sent to you by email
  • Secure payment and credit control for all fee-payable requests handled by PLS

It is free to sign up to PLS Permissions Assist and there are no annual subscription fees or set up costs to use the service. We instead charge a 20% handling fee on payable on paid-for licences only. There are no fees for requests granted a licence free of charge or for requests that do not end in a licence. Email info@pls-permissions.com to opt into PLS Permissions Assist.

How does it work?

Process for permissions coming through PLSclear for publishers opted into Permissions Assist.

If you want to manage your own permissions using PLSclear, PLS Permissions Direct may be right for you instead.

"PLS Permissions takes away the time-consuming administration of permissions in-house whilst at the same time placing this important part of our business in the hands of the national experts."

Anthony Cond
Managing Director
Liverpool University Press


Sign up to PLS Permissions Assist

For publishers already signed up to PLS, we simply need a signed agreement from you in order to opt you into the service. Request a copy of the agreement by emailing info@pls-permissions.com.

Publishers not currently signed up to PLS would need to provide a list of their titles and ISBNs for us to add to your account. We can also accept ONIX feeds.

In addition to a signed agreement, publishers opting into Permissions Assist will need to provide pricing and permissions policies in order for the PLS Permissions team to manage permissions on your behalf. Once you've provided pricing, our permissions team can set up your account for you and begin managing permissions requests on your behalf. We're happy to have a call to discuss your permissions and how we can best manage requests for your content.  

We also request publishers opted into PLS Permissions include the PLSclear widget on their website to direct permissions queries via PLSclear.com.

Request a copy of the agreement by emailing info@pls-permissions.com.

Participating publishers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't want to outsource your permissions?

If you don't want to outsource your permissions to PLS but you would still like to manage your your permissions more efficiently, PLS PermissionsDirect may be right for you instead.