Use PLSclear to make and manage permission requests to republish content is a permissions management tool for requesting and granting permission to reuse published content. Designed and operated by Publishers’ Licensing Services, PLSclear powers our three permissions services designed to streamline the permissions processes for both requestors and publishers.

For those seeking permission, PLSclear powers PermissionsRequest: a free service to help secure permission to reuse copyright content quickly and easily.

What is PLSclear?

PLSclear is an online tool for requesting and granting permission to reuse text and images from books, journals, magazines, and online content. PLSclear powers our free Permissions Request service.

Using PLSclear to submit a permission request is easy.

1. Search for the title you want to reuse

Begin searching for the title you would like to reuse. You can search by Title, Author, ISBN / ISSN, or URL.

We recommend searching by ISBN for books and ISSN for journals and magazines as it will return the most accurate results.

2. Fill in the Request Wizard form

A step-by-step process which collects all the information publishers need to process a request, saving you time going back and forth over request details with the publisher.

PLS have also provided a downloadable walk-through guide for first time users and a checklist of the information you need to know before starting your request.

3. Your request is sent to the right contact at the right publisher

Our extensive publisher database of over 4,000 publishers means you no longer need to track down a permissions contact at the publishing house before submitting your request.  

4. Track progress of your request in your Request Manager inbox

Get live updates on your requests and correspond directly with the publisher at any time through your PLSclear Request Manager inbox.

5. Download your licence and pay any fees due

Licences are available as soon as payment is made by credit/debit card or invoice or, for free of charge licences, when a publisher grants permission.

PLSclear for Publishers

For publishers, PLSclear powers two services, tailored to individual needs, which help publishers manage permissions more efficiently:

  • PermissionsAssist is a service for publishers who would like outsource the administration of their permissions to PLS.
  • PermissionsDirect is for publishers who would like to continue to manage their permissions in-house using PLSclear to streamline processes including automated licensing and payment/credit control.