Get permission to reuse published content quickly and easily

PLS PermissionsRequest is a free service for anyone seeking permission to reproduce published content from books, magazines, journals and websites. Whether you’re an author, editorial team or anyone else looking for permission, PLS PermissionsRequest and our award-winning PLSclear tool will take you through the process from start to finish.

“PLSclear has made requesting permissions so much easier. Finding and applying for permission is quick and straightforward, and all your requests are clearly laid out in one place. I particularly like the icons that show what stage your requests are at - it’s very user friendly.”

Janine Fisher
Oxford University Press

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Streamline the management of your permissions

For publishers, PLS PermissionsDirect makes the process of handling requests to reuse your content quick, straightforward and efficient.

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Outsource the management of your permissions

A fully-managed service for publishers. Our experienced and responsive team will handle requests to reuse your content quickly and efficiently, using your pricing and licensing settings.


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