Outsource your permissions to PLS with PermissionsAssist

PLS PermissionsAssist is a fully managed service for publishers who want to delegate their entire permissions processes to our responsive, UK-based team. PLS will handle your permissions from receipt of request to invoicing and credit control. This service is ideal for publishers who do not have a dedicated permissions team or who would like their staff to be able to focus on other priorities and tasks. 

Publishers who sign up to PLS PermissionsAssist will benefit from:

  • Permissions requests handled according to your pricing and licensing policies
  • Real-time reporting on the status of requests received
  • No set-up fee or annual subscription
  • Secure payment and credit control for all fee-payable requests

There is no subscription or up front cost to use the service, instead a 20% handling fee is payable on paid-for licences only.

To sign up to PLS PermissionsAssist, please contact us at: info@pls-permissions.com.